Cuddles 4 U

December 28th, 2017
Cuddles 4 U
Distance is no barrier for Warrawong. Let the animals come to you in their new mobile wildlife sanctuary.

In anticipation of Warrawong’s re-opening, owners David Cobbold and Narelle MacPherson will bring “edu-tainment” to schools, workplaces and events throughout Adelaide.

Warrawong2U is about providing everyone with the opportunity to interact with and learn about Australian wildlife.

“It’s about developing an appreciation for Australian wildlife,” David said.

“We’re bought up on a diet of foreign animals. We know about lions and elephants but we don’t know much about Australian animals and it’s a real shame.

“We understand that not everyone can make it out to the zoo or sanctuary.

“When you have a school group it’s an absolute nightmare to get 30 kids on a bus to a location, not lose anyone and make it back.

“So how about booking the school gym and we’ll come to you?”

No strangers to the idea, the couple ran a similar service when they operated Peel Zoo in Western Australia.

“At the moment we’re working with several species such as ring tail possums, squirrel gliders, kookaburras and rufous bettongs,” David said.

“New animals will be introduced to the program on a continual basis.

“It is all about our mantra of edu-tainment. If you can’t make it to us, we’ll bring the wildlife to you.”

Warrawong also welcomed on board their first full time employee.

Luke Flesher returned to the Hills to raise his young family after working at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat in Queensland.

He is trained in free flight bird shows and brings his unique skill set and passion for Australian wildlife to Warrawong.

“I was looking for a reason to come back home and I saw that Warrawong had been purchased,” Luke said.

“I reached out and asked if they were looking at adding a bird show in the future, they said yes and it just went from there.

“Culturally we’re on the same page in terms of what we look for in a wildlife experiences and that concept of edu-tainment.

“Warrawong2U is a chance to meet the creatures you’ve seen on television or on a bush walk and get up close and personal.

“We’re a nation of dog and cat owners but native animals have so much to offer and this shines a light on our unique wildlife.”

Warrawong2U made their first visit to the Seaford Ambulance Station opening where lucky visitors had the chance to meet frill neck lizards, wallabies, pythons and more.

Volunteer and university student Jen Williams was there to give a helping hand.

“I helped with the handling of the animals—it went really well,” Jen said.

“I enjoyed seeing the kids’ faces when I had the snake around my neck —they loved it.

“I thought they might be afraid but they were ready to come up and give it a pat.

“For us as volunteers we learn more about the animals and can teach the public about respecting them and the importance of conservation. It’s great to be involved.”

Jen is studying biodiversity and conservation and said the experience is valuable in her field.

“I was looking for somewhere to volunteer and I saw through Facebook that Warrawong was re-opening,” she said.

“I thought it was a great project to get involved with and to be able to see the changes as they prepare to open.”

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