Be Horse Drawn

January 11th, 2018
Be Horse Drawn
Discover the Hills in a new way using the technology of the old with a trip in a horse drawn carriage by Classic Carriage Drives.

Libby Green owns the Montacute business which offers carriage rides for any occasion, including weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, school formals, pageants and even just an afternoon out with family or friends.

After a lifelong interest and association with horses, Libby dreamt the idea once she moved to the Hills.

“It was the best location for it, and an opportunity for me to go back to my roots,” Libby said.

Initially, the business was solely based in the Hills with rides around Montacute, before it branched out to the city, Fleurieu Peninsula and Barossa for bigger occasions.

The rides around Montacute are still popular however, with two different offerings.
Montacute Valley Ride is a 45 minute ride for 6-8 people along the beautiful Fifth Creek, with a stop at the market gardens full of cherries.

Whether you book for two people or you book for eight, the carriage is exclusively yours for the ride.

Libby said the ride is perfect all year round.

“Whatever season it is, whether there are autumn leaves or blossom on the trees, it’s always visually beautiful,” she said.

“You are almost guaranteed to see a koala or some kind of wildlife along the way.”

Judy Durrant was taken on a ride in the carriage as a surprise gift from her daughters last year, and she “couldn’t have asked for a nicer gift.”

“I can’t imagine anything more stress relieving, the weather was perfect in the Adelaide Hills which are absolutely beautiful all the time,” Judy said.

“I’m 80 and it brought back childhood memories as I lived in the country and loved horses.

“I think everybody would enjoy it, it was such a pleasure and I’d do it again anytime.”

Another Montacute offering is the Vintage Tea, targeting aged care and disability groups.

First they share a homemade Devonshire tea at the local hall before embarking on a 20 minute ride.

There is a ramp to get into the carriage and a carer on all Vintage Tea rides.

The carriage is drawn by Indiana, a Percheron breed draft horse, who is well accustomed to her role with her strong and muscular build.

A nurse by trade, Libby loves driving the carriage with Indiana.

“Despite the business, I would do it for the sheer pleasure,” Libby said.

“Especially seeing children engaging with the animal and how life used to be is really rewarding.

“I even give kids the opportunity to hold the reins.”

Carrying on that tradition is really important for Libby.

“We’re trying to keep something that’s a thing of the past alive, it’s positive for younger and older generations,” she said.

“It’s a chance to slow down the speed of life and it brings you back to nature and a basic way of life where time is not a priority, and it’s a shared experience which is very social.”

Libby has bought a second carriage, a 30 year old wagonette which has been restored, for a new business venture.

She is hoping to use it for corporate advertising, where businesses advertise on the carriage while Libby drives around the city.

“We’ll particularly be cruising around Adelaide Oval when cricket, football and the Fringe is on, it will be very eye catching and engaging and an ideal way to promote your business,” Libby said.

If you’re interested in advertising your business through Classic Carriage Drives or want to see more about the services on offer, visit or call Libby on 0429 887 121.

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