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February 08th, 2018
Brew Now
You can expect to find a whole range of local brews and a fun atmosphere at this year’s Mount Barker District Show.

Just over two years ago Nancy Mibus spoke to the Mount Barker Show’s president Jocelyn Fry about bringing back the beloved home brewed beers and wine section.

Last year they did just that and for the first time in a long time they held a competition for home made brews. Nancy’s husband, Anthony Mibus, was called on to perform the role of convenor and this year he is hoping for a large turnout.

“Last year we had one or two entries for most areas so this year we are hoping to double that,” Anthony said.

There are three main groups for entries; beer, wine and other.

For each group there are four styles of brew so all up people can enter 12 beverages and there is a whole range to taste from.

Anthony is a brewer himself and enjoys meeting people who share his interests.

“I love trying beers because I know a lot of effort goes into it and I’m looking forward to meeting the people behind the brew,” Anthony said.

Entries are still open for this year’s show.

The rules for entry have not changed much from last year; entrants must be amateurs and all drinks must be clearly labeled.

However, there is one new change that Anthony is excited to bring on.

“This year we have a specialty category, so that includes any beer that offers something different than the usual,” Anthony said.

It costs 50 cents to enter and for third prize the winner will receive a card, whereas second and first place will receive double and quadruple their fee.

“Championships for best beer, wine and other home brewed beverages will receive a sash and depending on sponsors they could win extra prizes,” Anthony said.

On top of being a convenor for the show, Anthony is planning to brew commercially on a small scale.

“I started brewing grain mash 12 years ago because I loved the challenge. Most people can brew something drinkable but I like making brews you can enjoy,” Anthony said.

He enjoys the social aspects of brewing too.

“I really get a buzz out of making something from scratch, creating my own recipes and bottling them up for people to taste.

It’s really satisfying when I give my mates, who brew too, a bottle at a barbie and I get to see their enjoyment or receive feedback,” Anthony said.

Anthony initially brewed beers on the weekends but after a while started to notice he was missing out on family time.

“Mid last year I got to a point where I was really busy. I have three young kids and while I loved my weekend brewing, I missed out on family time, so I had to compromise.

The brewing then tapered off so I decided to keep it going by getting my long service leave and licensing,” Anthony said.

Anthony is currently in the process of brewing 300L of beer for his brand Silver Bark and plans to start distributing as early as May.

Silver Bark will have four styles of beer to start off with then Anthony plans to double in styles and amount later in the year.

“I have a pale ale which is like the American style beer. Our amber ale is a bit more of a malty beer and our Belgian ale is a twist on the traditional because it has low alcohol content but is really flavorful. I also have an IPA which is a hoppy ale which will blow your socks off.”

If all goes to plan, Silver Bark will be distributed to local cafes and restaurants in the Mount Barker region.

Entries for the home brewed section at the Mount Barker Show close on Friday, March 16.
To enter pick up a copy of the show book.

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