A Valiant Bash

August 09th, 2018
A Valiant Bash
Bash 'virgins' and Hills locals, neighbours and strawberry farmers, Roger Ballestrin, Biagio 'BJ' DeFazio and Jimi Rozaklis are teaming up to take part in the Variety Bash 2018 with their bright orange car as the Orange Euroes.

The Bash aims to raise funds for children in need.

“Looking back, so many people are less fortunate than me and I want to give my time and attention to people because it's not about how much you have but how much you give back,” BJ said.

This journey is unlike anything the threesome from Oakbank, Hay Valley and Mount Barker have encountered.

“I've never done anything like this before and I'm looking forward to it and a little bit scared,” BJ said.

They will be driving an orange 1977 Chrysler Valiant.

“It's really orange – we can see it from space and our friend is a cartoonist and he made drawings to put all over our car,” BJ said.

“I'm honoured to be accepted to do the Bash because I believe it is important to do – to be aware of what people struggle with opens my eyes and it feels nice to be able to help them,” BJ said.

Jimi decided to join in on the Bash because its for a good cause.

“I just thought that if we can take our time and help under privileged children then its all for the betterment of society,” Jimi said.

When asked if he'd done a journey like this before he replied “I'm a virgin mate – that's what we're called and we even have a V sticker on our car.”

The three mates have pulled their resources in the strawberry industry to fund raise.

“We've done community fund raising and a few people we do business with like our suppliers and packers and everyone else has supported us and overall the community in Mount Barker district has been sensational,” Jimi said.

When asked if he's looking forward to the journey Jimi said “they reckon it'll be like schoolies for adults – I'll fit in well there.”

Jimi would like to thank the community who has been supporting the group.

“I'd like to thank everyone who has donated for such a good cause,” Jimi said.

The group will get back in time to continue on with farming.

“I hope we have a safe journey and return back and we'll be back for farming in October – it'll be lovely,” Jimi said.

Variety SA marketing and communications manager Ammi Trainer has taken on the eight day journey herself and can't praise it enough.

“It was a fantastic experience, the tracks that we went on would not normally be accessed by the general public, the medical and motor workshop support volunteers were amazing and the comradery between all of the entrants, old and new was great,” Ammi said.

“Not to mention the fun – you will definitely have a lot of giggles along the way.”

The eight nights will see participants travel from Adelaide to Port Lincoln via Marree and Coober Pedy and it's a great way to get to know the communities on the way.

“The Bash is a great opportunity to ‘swag it’ and sleep under the stars in some of the most beautiful scenery our country has to offer – alternatively, Bash entrants can book their own accommodation at their own cost,” Ammi said.

The Bash FAQs request no 'emotional baggage' but despite this Ammi ensures it is a great place to connect.

“Lifelong friends are made through the Bash, it is a very strong bond that ties the entrants after spending eight days together,” she said.

“There are many stories about grown men shedding a tear at the wonderful stories they hear along the way with the funds raised helping local communities.”

For those who have never experienced an event like this Ammi offered some insight.

“It’s an experience you have to do to understand – the level of fun and engagement the people have will one another is unrivalled on this event and you will make friends and memories for life.”

The Bash will kick off in Adelaide on Saturday, August 11 and finish up at Port Lincoln on Saturday, August 18.

For more information go to http://www.variety.org.au/bash

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