Fast Forward

October 04th, 2018
Fast Forward
Hahndorf Clocks and Collectables is preparing for daylight saving but thankfully won’t be tackling the mammoth task of turning back all their clock faces to allow the cuckoo clocks to randomly proclaim the hour throughout the day.

The enchanting shop has been a tourist hot spot for over 20 years and owners Greg and Sue Brown said they love the extra business hours daylight savings gives them.

“More people are moving around and staying out in the town later so I love daylight saving,” Greg said.

“I get a lot more done during daylight saving because I move a little faster in the sun!”

That’s something Lucas Dimitriou from Stirling Chickens Takeaway agrees with as his business sees an influx of customer during the warmer months after daylight saving begins.

“We do see a difference in business hours - we stay busier later with the difference in weather and people come in to order when it gets dark because they’re making the most of the day,” Lucas said.

“We find that people are buying food in bulk for families and gatherings so we have larger orders as well.

“I think people are making life easier by swinging past the shop and picking up food on the way home after a day out with the kids.”

From summer onwards the store is full of customers ordering their hot chickens and authentic Greek yiros to satisfy their families but Lucas said the business has to adapt for the increase in customers.

“From daylight savings onwards until Christmas we also hire extra staff so we can keep running smoothly,” Lucas said.

The only trouble Lucas will find is settling his 16 month old son, George down with the change in sleeping patterns, something director at Woodside preschool, Robyn Herringer spoke about.

With the time changes parents will be settling their children down at the normal bedtime of 7pm under the lighting of a 6pm sun.

Robyn said that whilst it will be hard to start with, the children will adjust and the most important thing parents can do is stick to their normal bedtime routine.

“Try to make it as dark as possible for them without going to extremes unless your child is really struggling,” Robyn said.

“If you have a normal bedtime routine stick to it, be firm and don’t give in.”

If you don’t have to worry about settling down the children then you could spend the extra hours of warmth and daylight completing a quick golf session with the Stirling Golf Club’s Twilight sessions.

Described by Pro-shop manager Fraser Durham as the perfect tranquil and picturesque setting the Wednesday and Friday evening sessions start at 6pm and for $20 you can play nine-holes.

“Golf is so much better with daylight savings in the warmer months because you can come and play later in the day,” Fraser said.

“People finish work at five and come up here and still manage to play a game which is perfect.

“It’s such a relaxed atmosphere and it’s the perfect environment to see the setting sun and the beautiful Hills.”

The Twilight sessions are open to everyone and Fraser said no prior knowledge or expertise is needed to come and join in.

Don’t forget to move your clocks forward one hour on Sunday, October 7.

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