November 08th, 2018
It’s strawberry season and Beerenberg Farm is in full swing with the sixth generation family run farm producing strawberries for visitors and local’s consumption.

Offering their strawberry patches to the public so visitors can pick their own punnets of the sweet fruit, the family has always produced some of the best berries in the Hills.

Sally Paech, a member of the founding family and marketing director said this is their 50th year as a business growing strawberries for the public.

“We grow the Albion strawberry, which is a really productive plant type that has responded very well to our water to produce really beautiful, big, juicy strawberries,” Sally said.

Over the years the family has trialled many different types of strawberry plants however they have stayed faithful to the Albion plant.

The experience of coming to pick your own fruit is something Sally said has always been popular and this is the best time of year to come and enjoy the freshly grown strawberries.

“We’ve only just come into season today so the patches are perfectly full of the best, big, juicy and delicious strawberries right now.

“You get to be out in the sunshine and you can pick the shapes and sizes that you prefer most or have competitions to see who can find the biggest or weirdest shaped one.”

Sally said pickers will know when and which strawberries to pick as they will be fully red with an intense bright colour.

“Leave the green leaves on the fruit and snap the strawberry off at the base of the stem,” Sally said.

“If you don’t leave part of the stem on then the strawberry will lose it’s structure quicker and go off.”

And Sally said her favourite way to enjoy the fruit is exactly that – picking the strawberry and eating it whilst it’s still warm from the sun which only enhances the sweetness.

“Most people put their strawberries in the fridge but they’re so much better at room temperature or warm from the sun which is what people notice when they come here to pick.”

“The strawberries are always oozy and gorgeous then.”

Picking straight from the plant also helps to reduce the supermarket wastage as all sizes and shapes are loved and consumed regardless.

For the second time the farm will be running their ‘A Taste of Beerenberg’ experience in which visitors can book in on the first weekend of each month for a 90 minute tasting, learning and relaxing experience.

Visitors will be given the farmyard experience in the picturesque hay-shed for a series of talks and tastings of local produce and cheese, meats and sparkling wines before heading out to a separate strawberry patch for picking.

An insight into the farm, family and history will be given allowing people to ask questions and find out more about the operation.

All visitors will be sent home with a gift bag.

Over the season the farm will pick around five tonnes of strawberries which correlates to around 20,000 punnets of strawberries for consumption and jam production.

Head to to find out if the patch is open today.

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