November 23rd, 2018
This Christmas Nairne Vet Clinic is organising a photoshoot for your beloved furry friends and Santa Claus.

Vet and clinic owner Michael Woodworth will be the photographer for the occasion and explained a co-worker came up with the idea.

“Our nurse Melinda has come up with the idea and is organising it all,” Michael said.

“I saw the idea online and a few people had been asking where they can get photos done, everyone thought it would be fun and it really was,” Melinda Zins said.

This is the second time the clinic has organised the photoshoot.

“This year we’re doing bookings and we only have ten spots left,” Melinda said.

“The only difference this year is there are some rabbits coming in. Someone mentioned an alpaca online but I don’t think that’s happening.”

The photoshoot will cost $5 and all proceeds will benefit the Hahndorf Interim Shelter.

“We chose Hahndorf Interim Shelter because it’s a local charity – they need all the help they can get and it’s nice to keep it local,” Melinda said.

Michael is excited to get behind the camera again this year.

“Last year was so much fun,” he said.

“We had a lovely border collie and her eight puppies sitting in a sleigh, they were cute photos.

“I’m really looking forward to having some good fun with the photoshoot again.”

There are some challenges to photographing animals but Michael said it’s all worth it in the end.

“I spoke with a photographer who said never work with kids or animals,” he said.

“Only a few photos turn out perfect out of many takes.

“They have other things to focus on so getting them to focus on camera amongst all the excitement is difficult but so much fun.”

For the second year running, Michael’s father Mick will be donning the Santa Claus costume to cuddle up with the pets.

“My daughter and son in law own Nairne vet and they needed an old guy to be Santa,” Mick O’Rourke said.

“I was Santa last year and I couldn’t believe all the different types of animals, all the shapes and sizes.

“I don’t remember the breeds the same way the vets do but one dog was so big it took up the entire

bench by itself and it wasn’t even one year old.”

Mick enjoys the family and community aspect of the photoshoot.

“Some people brought their children and grandchildren for family photos with the entire family.”

Mick explained that as soon as he puts on his costume he embodies Santa Claus completely yet there are some unexpected challenges.

“It seems like I snap right into character as soon as I put that suit on and put a little pillow underneath it,” he said.

“But the dogs are interested in the white beard and hat and they get very excited so they start pawing everyone and I’m trying to deliver my lines of ‘Ho Ho Ho’ and they paw off the beard or the hat so they almost blow my cover!”

The photoshoot will take place at Nairne Vet, 73 Main Road, Nairne on November 24 from 9am-12pm. Booking is essential.

The photoshoot will cost $5 and you can purchase a USB with all your photos stored for an additional $10.

If you’d like to get into the Christmas spirit with your furry friends then book a photoshoot spot with Nairne Vet Clinic on 8188 0266.

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