Grind and Brew

January 03rd, 2019
Grind and Brew
A joint venture between Rock Paper Spirits and By 6 Coffee Roasters is bringing a new brand of beans to the Adelaide Hills.

Available exclusively at the Pallet Cafe: Nairne, the Husky Coffee Company features a unique range of dog-branded roasts.

New Pallet cafe co-owner Brad Short said he is glad to provide options for coffee drinkers in the Hills.

“We’re giving people a choice of strong or smooth coffee or insanely strong smack-you-in-the-face coffee,” he said.

“Instead of doing conventional naming like ‘Kenyan blend’ we wanted to go for something a little more interesting by matching the roast with personalities of different dog breeds.”

Finding the right dog to fit each roast took careful testing – a task many would find enviable.

“It’s kind of like wine in that you have to try the coffee and see what you get,” Brad said.

“We took a while going back and forth meticulously tasting the different flavours and figuring out what each roast has to offer.”

The OG Husky is a single origin balanced roast with notes of chocolate, hazelnut and husky tobacco.

Smug Pug is a lower-caffeine, subtle and sweet roast with hints of spice and nuttiness.

Raging Bull – with a stoic bull terrier on the label – is the strongest blend promising full caramel flavour without unwanted bitterness.

Decaf Lil’ Pup is the ‘all bark, no bite’ chihuahua of the Husky Coffee Company’s new roasts.

And the Bulldog blend is a chiller: ideal for cold brew to keep you cool in the summer months.

While the charming brand strategy of the Husky Coffee Company evokes a soothing smile, for Ben Gore of By 6 Coffee Roasters in Littlehampton, coffee will always be serious business.

With nearly a decade of experience creating the perfect roast, Ben is dedicated to his craft.

“Anyone can roast some beans and stumble across the perfect roast – the tricky thing is doing that every time,” he said.

“There’s a real art to it.

“We tried 27 different beans from regions around the world searching for that certain something before we settled on three beans that fit the sort of thing we were after.

Brad Short said he is already seeing the effects of Ben’s roasting expertise with a swell of customers walking through the doors of the Pallet Cafe.

“Other cafes have already expressed interest in stocking our coffee so I think we are doing really well,” Brad said.

“People can buy bags of coffee online or at the Pallet Cafe and we have multiple grinders here so every roast is available to try.”

In order to get the most out of a cup of artisan joe, Ben Gore recommends to keep your order simple.
“Everyone is different,” he said.

“But the best way to judge a coffee – either black or with milk – is to have it stand-alone: no sugar or chocolate dusting.

“If you have to add those things to mask, supplement, or enhance flavours there is probably another sort of coffee out there for you.”

Ben will drink more than 10 cups on a day when he is tasting different coffees and prefers to drink cups of short, syrupy ristretto to maximise flavour.

His roasting journey has been in search of unpretentious coffee that can be enjoyed by everybody.

“We try to understand the palette of your average punter to give them something beautiful, flavoursome and mouth-filling that makes them come back for more,” Ben said.

“The most important feedback we can get is from people who aren’t confident they know what they are saying.

“They can say whether or not it tastes nice but that’s about it.

“So far the option of mid, mild and strong coffee resonates well with people.”

The Pallet Cafe: Nairne is open seven days a week from 7am to 4pm at 73A Main Street, Nairne.

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