Go For Gold

August 07th, 2019
Go For Gold
An old but gold idea has been resurrected to help the main sporting centre of Lobethal and improve its facilities for the benefit of the whole community.

The Lobethal Recreation Ground Sports Club & Clubrooms is wholly owned by the sporting clubs who call it home, including codes like football, netball, tennis, cricket, polocrosse and archery, but treasurer Marg Schroder believes the facilities can be even more central to Lobethal life.

“It's under-utalised right now – there is lots of room for so many different kinds of activities,” Marg said.

“The hall is always for hire at a reasonable price and is often used, but we can do more.”

Patrons of the hall would have noticed 'golden bricks' adorning the walls, emblazoned with the names of the proud club supporters who bought them.

Now the golden bricks are for sale again, with proceeds this time going to the clubrooms current major goal of upgrading their upstairs toilets, expected to cost $25,000.

“Around fifteen people got involved last time, it was a great help to the club and we're hoping to have this round of golden bricks finalised before footy starts next year,” Marg said.

Marg is not short of ideas when it comes to opening up the facilities such as using the open space, shower and toilet facilities to host 'grey nomads' during the dry months.

“We want to hold a community forum to get people involved in deciding what we can do.

“We're looking at many things like open-air cinema events, Lobethal Lights, a Blue Light disco and other events for kids.”

Greg Jaensch has a long connection to the clubrooms, playing junior and senior football there before serving on the committee, and believes the clubrooms have an important role to play in the community.

“There's many things over the years we'd like to have done, but funding can be an issue as we're one of the few club-owned clubrooms in the Hills.”

However, with a long-standing loan from the Adelaide Hills Council finally paid off, Greg believes the time is right for a revamp.

“It's a great place to catch up and make friends through sport and we have so many,” Greg said.

“I spent many hours having a chat over the bar, sitting on the verandah and looking towards the eastern boundary provides a really nice view.”

Michael Stanbury also has a long history with the club, playing junior football with the local Tigers before his kids, now in their 20s, went on to do that same.

He now serves as president of the recreation grounds and clubrooms and sees visibility as a key challenge to overcome.

“We're not on the main drag of town and there's not much signage – a lot of what we offer the community spreads by word of mouth,” Michael said.

A new sign has been erected at the entrance of the grounds where home teams play in black and gold and Michael is hopeful for the future.

“This is a great family and community-based centre, that’s the main thing.

“All our sport clubs have junior sides and we have kids as young as six coming here to play, so it's important that we maintain it well.”

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