Red Hot & Local

September 11th, 2019
Red Hot & Local
Adelaide Hills locals are backing for local chilli growers at Choo Roo Food after tasting some fiery chilli sauces at local market and festival stalls.
Caprica Chilli Sauce, a product by Choo Roo Food, should be on every chilli enthusiast’s bucket list of hot sauces according to Business Owner Jakob Brunnbauer.
Choo Roo Food is one of the Hills’ golden growers producing chilli thrills for locals to try.
Jakob said chilli sauce can help your food pop with extra flavour and, of course, give it that much appreciated zing.
“There are so many chilli pepper species with devilish names out there and we combine them with a lot of other flavours to really make our sauces sizzle,” he said.
“We use the current Guinness World record-holder chilli, the Carolina Reaper Pepper, in our Liquid Sun sauce along with the Scorpion Chilli and Ghost Pepper.”
“Also in the same sauce are Scorpion Chillis and Ghost Peppers. Liquid Sun is a challenge.”
Jakob Brunnbauer has been growing chilli peppers and making his own sauce for over three years and said that Choo Roo Food is not just about scorching your taste buds to cinders.
“I actually started making hot sauce with my dad around 10 years ago and gave bottles to family friends,” he said.
“They came back to us and said we should really consider selling it to people.
“So, when I moved to the Adelaide Hills a couple of years ago, that’s exactly what my cousin and I did.”
Jakob said that making his sauces are not just designed to heat up an evening meal, though.
“At Choo Roo, our chilli sauces are all about the flavour and the ingredients we use,” he said.
“We grow a lot of the produce used in the sauces ourselves, including the onions and garlic.
“We also love to infuse fruity flavours into our sauces to really bring out that unique flavour profile behind the heat.”
Jakob said that Choo Roo has been invited to a number of medieval festivals where the company has sold out of their mouth-wateringly scorching sauces.
“I wanted to create a medieval hot sauce, or as close to that era as possible, so after doing some digging, I recreated a green chill sauce that sold out on the first day of a festival,” he said.
“It was so successful that we added it to the permanent collection of sauces that we produce.”
Jakob said every now-and-then, there are those among the masses that fancy their chances and ask for the most demanding and spicy sauce on offer.
“Sometimes for festivals and market stalls I make a sauce that we call ‘Nope’ to really blow the socks off the people with seared tastebuds,” he said.
“The Hell-fire ‘Nope’ sauce is so hot that when I create it, I have to wear a mask to protect myself.”
Owner of The Three Brothers Arms John Jagt said that a ‘ketchup’ with Jakob allowed him to start stocking Caprica Chilli Sauces at the venue for everybody to appreciate.
“We stock a few of the Caprica hot sauces for people to use as condiments with their food, and it’s so popular that we go through bottles of it like nothing,” he said.
“It’s just so full of flavour. We love it.
“It’s a great thing to have at our pub and the fact it’s grown and produced locally adds to that.”
Jakob said Caprica Chilli Sauces are a good way to warm up for spring and are available to be purchased at The Maccy Shop & Café.

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